Jun 23, 2012

goodiebox.dk aka glossybox

Finally Denmark got something alike birchbox and glossybox, glossybox almost ships to everywhere except Denmark, which is sad for us who lives in a tiny country, so finally after a lot of research i did, goodiebox has launched in Denmark, which is sooo great. I clicked the ''be a member'' button right away, really looking forward to get my first samples i hope it's gonna be worth every penny, which i think it will!! I must admit i have the highest expectations since it's 120 kr, and i really hope they can live up to glossybox, birchbox etc cuz still the day today I'm furious that they don't ship to Denmark and they even ship to Sweden, so thats quite a shame. Lets hope they won't disappoint me :)


  1. I hope you get great and useful products :D

  2. Good sharing, Glossybox and Memebox are one of the Korea’s greatest beauty ongoing services, box way up about several to six cosmetic goods or biological samples and ship those to subscribers each month. Read more at:


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