Jul 30, 2012

Adventures in Thailand

as you might can tell i really miss thailand. so here's a photo from the beach in Hua Hin, which is one of the closest beaches to Bangkok, we stayed at a hotel 2 nights and enjoyed the pool and the beach. Hua Hin has become quite popular for tourists, since the beaches is great and can almost compare to the beaches in south thailand. South thailand has beautiful beaches and a  very clear sea. The following pictures are from my trip to South Thailand which is almost 11 hours away from Bangkok by car with stops. 

Jul 28, 2012

New header

Last month when I was in thailand, I was lucky enough to get some photos taken by a reallyreally talented and creative photographer. He's one of the best. He has the kind of beautiful and mesmerizing photos you want to have popping up on your blog on a daily basis. I wish he could take photos of me every single day so i could post them on this blog. haha We went for the dreamy theme and in this photo I'm seeking for smt. I'm quite pleased with the results maybe because you can't see my face that clearly hahah. We did take some portraits too, but they wouldn't suit as my header. So heres two of the photos of me with extensions. shhh. only clip in tho cuz we thought it would look nicer.. I decided to use it as a header since i really loveee this photo and it's perfect in my opinion. Now the photo he gave me looked almost like this except for the little notebook in the right corner and the feather, I don't knw why but feathers just reminds me of bohemian so I thought i'd add that :p then the notebook to symbolize the ''notes'' part in my new name :)

what do you guys think? :)

Jul 26, 2012

dress like Rosie Huntington - budget

Why not dress up as Rosie Huntington? Her style is elegant and simple yet feminine but we all know that what she's wearing can't be that cheap so I found a few pieces which are a lot cheaper and has a price we actually can pay for. So here a outfit for much less money inspired by Rosie Huntington's cloth on this photo. I took the most general objects such as the leather pants the oversized knitted sweater and the hat. I really love the ballerinas and they're even on sale at Zara atm so go check it out.

DIY nail art with post it flags

I was hit by another flash of inspiration when i entered a little cafe today. i really liked the tiles in the cafe and decided i would try to make some kind of nail art. Since i don't have more nail strips laying around my house i decided to make my own with tape, I didn't use tape but instead post it flags, since i find them easier to paint on. And if you don't want any mess painting on a paper underneath will be the easiest way. You can paint with any kind of color you know will stay put even after applying a top coat, i used nail polish to paint with. 
    Tip: Using post it flags is probably the best idea, since they don't stick to the paper. Cutting the post it flags when they are still on the paper makes it a lot easier to cut and gives you more control. Since it's post it flags it's easy to remove from the paper and apply on the nail.

Inspirational nails by patterns #1

Hey you all.
You really can find inspiration in your everyday life. Inspiration is everywhere it's just whether or not we take it to consideration. I was at the police today to get my passport done and they had to take fingerprints of course and suddenly it hit me how beautiful that black fingerprint looks against the white paper, so I thought i would make a nail with a fingerprint. It didn't go really well but oh well, it's kinda fun and new and you can't really draw it up on your nail by yourself. So here's how it looks. 

Jul 24, 2012

Summer fashion essentials

1. topshop, 2. inlovewithfashion, 3. topshop, 4. asks, 5. topshop, 6. asos, 7. zara, 8. inlovewithfashion, 9. missiny, 10. harveynichols, 11. inlovewithfashion, 12. inlovewithfashion, 13. zappos, 14. riverisland, 15. topshop, 16. topshop

what do you guys think? :) i kinda forgot the accessories, but will come :)

Jul 23, 2012

Summer beauty essentials

So i've picked up a few summer beauty essentials, since it is summer and you really gonna need to get your body and skin in tiptop shape. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys, what really helps to make your skin look fresh and radiant, since you really don't wanna wear a cake of makeup during the summertime. So these products will definitely help to make your skin and hair look amazing.
1+2.   Since I don't wanna wear loads of makeup i will still help my skin appear more sun kissed which i think Benefit's Sunbeam is perfect for. Then of course we're gonna need some Spf to prevent those fine lines and other kind of damages the sun may do, which i found the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Sun stick with spf 50 was a good choice. 

Jul 11, 2012

homemade Red velvet cupcakes

So i baked today i baked red velvet cupcakes again with cheese frosting. i must admit I'm beginning to enjoy them a little too much. Perhaps i should stop eating all these sweeties but gosh i just love cupcakes. And since you can't get proper cupcakes here in Denmark I thought i would make them my own, i must admit they turned out pretty great after improvising a lot since i can't stick to the recipe oopsie, but they taste pretty much the same as the ones i got when i was in Thailand.
So we were out eating lunch at an Italian restaurant and got this lovely looking pasta. Me and my friend got the same, since we didn't really wanna eat pizza. I really love pasta and the pasta was really good. So what have you been up to today? :)

Jul 5, 2012

Hair rescue #1 series

I think I'm going to begin a hair series of what i do to rescue my hair so you guys can follow me through the journey. My hair is in a pretty bad stage after the bleaching i did in the end of february and had continued dying my hair afterwards several times, since it kept screaming for attention. My hair is no longer in the asian hair category, which it used to be instead it's so frizzy, dry and damaged. I literally KILLED my hair. It's totally fried too since i went through a lot of styling for the shoots i did when i was in thailand, sadly. I just felt like my hair would break any second and it would break if i just touched it. It's really bad i know and i can't no longer run my hair through it and after seeing that i could literally pull one hair stand in several pieces with no effort i thought it was time for me to take it serious. My budget is really low though. so i've been all over the place searching for products, which i hope would help my hair with no luck though, i found i few that worked and this is one of them. I love this little guy here it's called Macadamia healing oil spray . 

So this is for you guys who has been killing and frying your hair whether it's with tools, hair dye or bleaching. Damage is hard to avoid and even the sun is hair damaging, so yes it's pretty hard to avoid and i really needed something to help out my dry, frizzy hair, which is on the edge to no longer be hair since it feels so lifeless and dead i thought this might help. For what i've hear it's a lot like the Maroccanoil but just more handy and easier to use. 

This therapeutic oil that heals and protect the hair. The fine mist absorbs easily in to the hair. It's weightless and doesn't weight your hair down help infusing moisture and shine.

The oil provides: 
incredibly shine
Non tangling and frizzing
Non greasy
has natural UV protection
color enhancing
I personally think this is the best oil treatment ever! It smells so great, i really love the smell. So fresh and uhmm smell.it's easy to use since it's in a spray bottle, what you'll need to do is just spritz the lightweight oil on your towel dry hair and with blow drying it will leave your hair shiny, silky smooth and healthy looking with that glossy effect. I can now run my hands through my hair easily. I find it great to use before heat styling too. And you're also frizzy and tangle free! 
Great product! 
Thank you for reading :) <3
Rating: ★★★★★

Jul 4, 2012


 more photos from thailand. I really miss it there. I found the cutest dog at a place called CDC which is most likely a place selling designer furnitures, but a lot of people go there to eat at the cafe's and restaurants you can find there too. In weekends there are markets, selling cheap clothes and other kind of accessories. I really love that place it has some of bangkok's most delicious food, well probably not, but the food you're able to find there is devine. and the furnitures are spectacular, they are so beautiful and you can find a vary of furnitures, since it's a huge area. That day i was wearing my new sequin top which i got at terminal 21, i thought it would be easier to put up links so you guys can look it up, cuz it's hard to explain and then you can follow my life a little more around and know more of which places I was at and am going to, since most of you might not have been there. But Terminal 21 is such a great place for shopping if anyone is stopping by bangkok, it's like a indoor market, which looks incredible cuz each floor has it's own country, which brings us back to the name terminal 21, so each floor is a terminal and each floor has its own theme, which i think is really cool and not only each floor has its own theme every TOILET has their own theme and design. so yeah yu better check out all the toilets :p hahah. so yeah i got that sequin top and the shorts too... gh and the shoes too there really cheap. i didn't notice i got that many stuff there and wearing it all. cliche? maybe. but the bag isn't from Terminal 21, it's from siam square, which is placed in the middle of bangkok close to Siam Paragon which is a huge shopping mall and has the best cinemas in bangkok in my opinion and Central World, which got burned down when there was government problems but is perfectly recovered now, there you can find luxurious expensive brandnames. I really recommend all the aforementioned places since i love them, so take a visit when you're there.

what do you guys think of the links and all that btw?