Aug 20, 2012

Food I ate in Thailand

So this is a few of the things I ate while I was in Thailand or one of the last thing I actually ate before departing from Suvannaphumi Airport in Bangkok but the club sandwich is missing tho. I really love Japanese Ramen noodle soup and frozen yogurt. So I'm kind of sad, that you can't get Ramen here in Denmark since I really feel like eating it now, when I'm in Bangkok I tend to seek to my favorite area to eat japanese specialities which is at Thonglo Soi 10 :) After making this post I feel like eating frozen yogurt but again I have to disappoint myself, because we are simply unable to buy frozen here in Denmark as well butttt I just made some 5 minutes ago! yay It's super easy and I'm so excited to see the results, I'll keep you updated! The picture on the right is a Thai coconut dessert which is delightful! You can find it everywhere in Bangkok and it's one of those things you really can't miss if you want to know more about the tradition :) I really enjoy eating everything shown in the photo so I thought I would share with you guys. I love having a simple american breakfast near the beach when I'm in thailand so even though it's nothing special I have great memories with this easy breakfast that I love eating near a beach. 

What do you like to eat on vacations?

Aug 14, 2012

Another Thailand day

Since school has started I don't have much time to take pictures, so I thought I would just post some pictures I took in Thailand again. There's loads of pictures so when I got nothing to post about I will definitely be posting more pictures from Thailand. I'm kinda busy with school but I will try to keep you guys up to date! School started yesterday so it's been overwhelming to meet new people again. I hope my class will be as I wanted :) I didn't try bungy jump I'm still a bit too scared, but i would love try it some day! so i just took a picture of it

Aug 8, 2012

July favorites

This month favorites   //   Denne måneds favoritter disse produkter er købt på hjemmeside der leverer til Danmark hurtigt og nemt :) Læs nederst på siden for mere info om de forskellige hjemmesider.

1.    The burts and bees radiance day cream I've found it to really really help my skin and it has really made my skin more radiant and healthy looking. I don't know how it does it but my skin haven't ever been this nice, my overall complexion looks smoother and brighter and it has really made my skin silky soft. I really love this product, but one thing I've learned is not to over do it, apply enough to cover your entire face but don't leave a thick layer of it otherwise I've found it not to work as great.

Aug 7, 2012

Stellar artists

Stellar artists Party. This picture was taken at a modeling party I went to some time ago. Im the one to the left wearing a brown suede dress. absolutely love it! The other three girls are my fellow model friends from my agency. 

Stardust sequin

Another little post taken in Thailand. You can see what I wore here, or at least something similar to it, cuz you can't really get any of the items through the internet. But if you happened to be in Bangkok at this moment or have plans to go to Bangkok give Terminal 21 @asok a visit for the ultimate shopping experience. The mall is excellent it's inspired by the airport so each floor is its own big city, really amazing! theres excellent food there too at the San Francisco floor and clothing is found at the Tokyo floor.

Aug 6, 2012

DIY project: Photo frame

I'm in a very interior-design place right now and have the decorating bug in a big way. So why not make something new to my bare walls, shall we? 
So I'm so excited to share my inspiration which led me to this today. Look above, oh and btw I created the layout by myself as well, what do you think?
I'm so excited about the finished product, it looks wonderful with a few ladybugs which looks great on the transparent wires. It somehow looks like they're just hanging there awesomely.
I knew I got the desired effect when my mom entered the room and asked who broke the mirror hahaha. I had a laugh.
So i did this photo frame this week and I filmed a video aswell please check it out here, which was supposed to be a how-to but it ended up wrong, so I decided to show the process instead, but you can still follow through and get inspired since it's super super easy!  
I've had this in mind for quite sometime and since I had an old frame laying around so I thought I would jump in and just do it instead of being lazy as usual, but what really inspired me was this column in a local newspaper which said, that you really could transform anything old, which wouldn't necessary match in a modern room, into the perfect room decor that would fit. So what you had to do was use something old and something new, and then combine those two factors. 
I thought it was rather an interesting point so I played with the thoughts of something old and museums popped up in my head. So I googled museums and found paintings with golden frames and remembered I had an old one laying around in our basement. it would be a great idea to combine something old with something new, and since photos are a newer invention combining those two will give us something retro and useable. This is absolutely a cheap DIY and perfect as a room decor. So pep your wall up with your DIY. I love hanging polaroids looks so chic and cool. You can use any size frame you want just make sure it's wooden

Aug 5, 2012

Favorite desserts of the week

So today since it's sunday I had loads of time to play around with the photos I took this week. I've been eating loads of cakes and other kinds of sweet stuff this week so I've been really unhealthy. I don't why I was just craving cake, cake, cake for some reason hahah. So instead of posting several images I thought I would do a little fun with them and gather them in the same image. It's been quite fun to play around and I've learned a lot, so what do you think? Should I start doing it in this style from now on with such kinds of posts? :) Let me know cuz it's a lot of time to spend, but I would gladly do it and I've done templates already. I've been eating banoffee cake, Macarons, Milk ice-cream and brownies. I've also been eating a lot more but these were my favorites :)

Aug 4, 2012

Bohemian Hair up do

I did my own hair this week quite pleased with the results. I thought i would do a effortless yet sophisticated look with a little bohemian touch so i decided to do this easy up-do! it was super easy and took no time and it looks really formal so love it! :))) Great for those days where you want your hair away from your face but still wants it to look nice.
What do you think? :)

/// Jeg besluttede mig for at ordne mit hår i denne uge, da jeg skulle til middag. Jeg besluttede mig for at gå efter det ubesværede look men stadig sofistikeret med et lille twist af bohemian så jeg besluttede mig for at lave dette look. Det var virkelig nemt at lave og tog virkelig ingen tid at ordne og det så meget formelt ud. Virkelig ideel til de dage, hvor du vil have håret væk fra ansigtet men stadig kunne tænke dig at det ser godt ud :)

Aug 3, 2012


So I got another chance to take pictures with a talented photographer last weekend, he needed the photos to build up his portfolio, I absolutely love the colors!! 
This was taken under a motorway bridge here in Aarhus, Denmark, it's actually quite an interesting location since theres old trail rails and old trains, which makes it quite fun / what do you guys think? :)