Jun 23, 2012

THIS WEEK from thailand

I. This will be my first week of really blogging and another shot of bangkok to remind me of Bangkok miss that place like crazy. I've barely had time to do anything interesting as i've just arrived in Denmark this week after nearly 8 months in Bangkok, Thailand, so I'm still trying to get back to my normal patterns. I've somehow managed to buy so much this week though and I've been buying so many stuff in Thailand and stopped by duty free as well so i have lots of exciting beauty products to post about since i'll be taking care of my skin a lot more! 

II. To celebrate my arrival to this boring country i might as well have fun and I'm thinking of getting my hair colored darker, since last time i colored it dark, the color faded sooo quickly due to the bleaching arg. I've got quite a hit on those really dark brown shades at the moment, where i used to like really light brown, since i liked looking less asian but i guess i can't escape the half thai blood in me, but my hair haven't ever been that dark it has always been a really brown color, and now its so reddish light brown. I might take a jump and almost color it black, since I've been watching too many snow white movies, and i love the dark hair now since I'm quite pale. and then i'll be taking really good care of my hair so it can have that healthy look again. I miss my old hair :( it was so healthy but after the bleaching gosh never bleach your hair, it got all frizzy. But if i look at the bright side it looks like i have lots of hair now.

III. I really want a new camera, since i forgot my DSLR in thailand :( and that ramen was soooo good, found at Thonglo soi 10, bangkok

Random fact:
One awesome thing i experienced on my flight back tuesday, i got 4 seats for my own, so i had the most pleasant flight ever! the food was delicious so i really recommend thai airways! Denmark must be such an unpopular destination :p

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