Jul 26, 2012

DIY nail art with post it flags

I was hit by another flash of inspiration when i entered a little cafe today. i really liked the tiles in the cafe and decided i would try to make some kind of nail art. Since i don't have more nail strips laying around my house i decided to make my own with tape, I didn't use tape but instead post it flags, since i find them easier to paint on. And if you don't want any mess painting on a paper underneath will be the easiest way. You can paint with any kind of color you know will stay put even after applying a top coat, i used nail polish to paint with. 
    Tip: Using post it flags is probably the best idea, since they don't stick to the paper. Cutting the post it flags when they are still on the paper makes it a lot easier to cut and gives you more control. Since it's post it flags it's easy to remove from the paper and apply on the nail.
1. Paint your post it flags in any color your choice and apply base coat. Let base coat dry then paint your nails with your favorite color, I just used a basic white nail polish. 
2. Cut your strips in the same width and remove the post it strips from the paper.
3.  Start from the top by taping the strip vertically on top of the nail. Then tape on another strip right above the first strip. Continue doing that in the same pattern, the next one you'll have to apply underneath the first applied strip just more towards the middle.
4. Use cuticle trimmer to trim the excess sticker.
5. Apply a thick layer of top coat!!
6. You're done with your absolutely fancy looking nails.


  1. This is so cool! :) follow me back? ;)



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