Jul 28, 2012

New header

Last month when I was in thailand, I was lucky enough to get some photos taken by a reallyreally talented and creative photographer. He's one of the best. He has the kind of beautiful and mesmerizing photos you want to have popping up on your blog on a daily basis. I wish he could take photos of me every single day so i could post them on this blog. haha We went for the dreamy theme and in this photo I'm seeking for smt. I'm quite pleased with the results maybe because you can't see my face that clearly hahah. We did take some portraits too, but they wouldn't suit as my header. So heres two of the photos of me with extensions. shhh. only clip in tho cuz we thought it would look nicer.. I decided to use it as a header since i really loveee this photo and it's perfect in my opinion. Now the photo he gave me looked almost like this except for the little notebook in the right corner and the feather, I don't knw why but feathers just reminds me of bohemian so I thought i'd add that :p then the notebook to symbolize the ''notes'' part in my new name :)

what do you guys think? :)


  1. Wow, great pictures!


  2. super cool i love it!


  3. amazing pictures & great blog

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    XO, Carmen

  4. stunning pics!

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  6. Wow love the photographs :) so pretty!

    Claudia X

    1. thank you so much! thank you for stopping by :))

  7. so pretty, lvoe the photography!



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