Sep 12, 2012

Dessert again

I have no time to do a proper post so here are some of the pictures and things I've been eating in Thailand! I love cupcakes, breakfast & tea and souffle, so thought I would share with you the places i keep going back to when Im in Bangkok, the second and third photo are at St. Regis in bangkok absolutely an amazing place for a formal breakfast with all your heart could possibly want, you can mix your own plates with cupcakes or whatsoever, this case it's scones and croissants! 
I dont remember where the souffle was eaten at, sorry I'll keep you updated! sorry for disappearing everyone! hit the email subscription to know when I post something new! :)

Oh and those are my lovely pradas!!!! love emmm!


  1. the cupcakes and everything looksso pretty and delicious! seriously some of the yummiest toppings I've seen on the web :) Your flats are so adorable!! love the color...

    1. haahah i love cupcakes, and you can mix and pick your favorites at this little cupcake shop in Thailand :)

  2. Look delicious! yummm x

  3. hmmm nice post, seems sooo yummy! I'm hungry now. haha

    just wanted to let you know that I changed my blogs name, it used to be makeitsparkling but you can now find me at

    hope you'll like it !
    xx tiphaine

  4. you are the best person in the world and your blog is fantastic i hope you will have a wonderful life i hope the best for you Bigsister ps. it look very yummy:P


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