Jul 4, 2012


 more photos from thailand. I really miss it there. I found the cutest dog at a place called CDC which is most likely a place selling designer furnitures, but a lot of people go there to eat at the cafe's and restaurants you can find there too. In weekends there are markets, selling cheap clothes and other kind of accessories. I really love that place it has some of bangkok's most delicious food, well probably not, but the food you're able to find there is devine. and the furnitures are spectacular, they are so beautiful and you can find a vary of furnitures, since it's a huge area. That day i was wearing my new sequin top which i got at terminal 21, i thought it would be easier to put up links so you guys can look it up, cuz it's hard to explain and then you can follow my life a little more around and know more of which places I was at and am going to, since most of you might not have been there. But Terminal 21 is such a great place for shopping if anyone is stopping by bangkok, it's like a indoor market, which looks incredible cuz each floor has it's own country, which brings us back to the name terminal 21, so each floor is a terminal and each floor has its own theme, which i think is really cool and not only each floor has its own theme every TOILET has their own theme and design. so yeah yu better check out all the toilets :p hahah. so yeah i got that sequin top and the shorts too... gh and the shoes too there really cheap. i didn't notice i got that many stuff there and wearing it all. cliche? maybe. but the bag isn't from Terminal 21, it's from siam square, which is placed in the middle of bangkok close to Siam Paragon which is a huge shopping mall and has the best cinemas in bangkok in my opinion and Central World, which got burned down when there was government problems but is perfectly recovered now, there you can find luxurious expensive brandnames. I really recommend all the aforementioned places since i love them, so take a visit when you're there.

what do you guys think of the links and all that btw?


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