Jul 5, 2012

Hair rescue #1 series

I think I'm going to begin a hair series of what i do to rescue my hair so you guys can follow me through the journey. My hair is in a pretty bad stage after the bleaching i did in the end of february and had continued dying my hair afterwards several times, since it kept screaming for attention. My hair is no longer in the asian hair category, which it used to be instead it's so frizzy, dry and damaged. I literally KILLED my hair. It's totally fried too since i went through a lot of styling for the shoots i did when i was in thailand, sadly. I just felt like my hair would break any second and it would break if i just touched it. It's really bad i know and i can't no longer run my hair through it and after seeing that i could literally pull one hair stand in several pieces with no effort i thought it was time for me to take it serious. My budget is really low though. so i've been all over the place searching for products, which i hope would help my hair with no luck though, i found i few that worked and this is one of them. I love this little guy here it's called Macadamia healing oil spray . 

So this is for you guys who has been killing and frying your hair whether it's with tools, hair dye or bleaching. Damage is hard to avoid and even the sun is hair damaging, so yes it's pretty hard to avoid and i really needed something to help out my dry, frizzy hair, which is on the edge to no longer be hair since it feels so lifeless and dead i thought this might help. For what i've hear it's a lot like the Maroccanoil but just more handy and easier to use. 

This therapeutic oil that heals and protect the hair. The fine mist absorbs easily in to the hair. It's weightless and doesn't weight your hair down help infusing moisture and shine.

The oil provides: 
incredibly shine
Non tangling and frizzing
Non greasy
has natural UV protection
color enhancing
I personally think this is the best oil treatment ever! It smells so great, i really love the smell. So fresh and uhmm smell.it's easy to use since it's in a spray bottle, what you'll need to do is just spritz the lightweight oil on your towel dry hair and with blow drying it will leave your hair shiny, silky smooth and healthy looking with that glossy effect. I can now run my hands through my hair easily. I find it great to use before heat styling too. And you're also frizzy and tangle free! 
Great product! 
Thank you for reading :) <3
Rating: ★★★★★


  1. I need to sort out my hair too. I might actually but the Macadamia hair products. I've heard so many good things about them, so they better work! :D

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. Hair oils are seriously amazing, I have three and I love them! I'm glad they worked for you :)


    1. oh which one, could you recommend any? :))

  3. I should probably try this, I have to admit I'm not that nice to my hair. I should treat it better ;)

    And thank you for the nice comment over at my blog!

    1. you should definitely try it's perfect!! yeah it's hard being nice to your hair when theres so much you can do to it. :))

  4. I love hair oils and thanks for sharing this one. I've never used it and will look for it.


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