Jul 23, 2012

Summer beauty essentials

So i've picked up a few summer beauty essentials, since it is summer and you really gonna need to get your body and skin in tiptop shape. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys, what really helps to make your skin look fresh and radiant, since you really don't wanna wear a cake of makeup during the summertime. So these products will definitely help to make your skin and hair look amazing.
1+2.   Since I don't wanna wear loads of makeup i will still help my skin appear more sun kissed which i think Benefit's Sunbeam is perfect for. Then of course we're gonna need some Spf to prevent those fine lines and other kind of damages the sun may do, which i found the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Sun stick with spf 50 was a good choice. 

3.   Lip stains would probably be the most reached out product during the summer, since they really don't get scared of the high temperature and I find that glosses just disappear or get weird looking in the sun, and lipsticks are too heavy so go for Lip stains like the YSL one. 
4.   It's really important to cleanse your skin well if you're not going to wear loads of makeup, so spend a lot of time on that, it will make your skin look much more fresh and healthy if you're at least spending time taking care of your skin. The Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser is a must have, i absolutely love this product. You're supposed to use the Hot cloth given with the product to rinse off. 
5.   Now if you really need to use heat I would really recommend the Remington Curling wand to create mermaid curls, really great look for a night out in the summertime.
6.   If you don't have time for all the styling there's always the Bumble and Bumble texture creme, which is perfect for the effortless look. 
7.   Before you really can do anything to your hair, you must know that everything from the saltwater, pool chlorine to the sun all damages your hair, so you really need to look out for it and protect it agains UV rays. This product from Shu Uemura is a great treatment for your hair, it protects your hair against dryness and helps on frizziness and also protects against UV damage, which is a great essential for the summer, since the sun really is damaging. 
8.   For beachy waves I really recommend this Oribe beach wave shine spray as this creates beautiful beachy waves you actually can run your fingers through, which I love doing. The spray gives beautiful waves without weighting down your hair and without giving that sticky and harsh feeling to at and at the same time repairs and moisturizes with its exotic oils. 
9.   As the weather can make your skin kinda sweaty, you really need some sweat proof stuff, which the L'Oreal waterproof mascara is.
10.   After spending a lot of time in the sun, something cooling is definitely needed, the Vichy soothing Balm calms and repairs your body without being greasy. 
11.   You really need makeup with spy here's a great and cheap choice with spy 15, it's the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation that reawakens your skin and leaves it with a healthy glow exactly what you need for summer, looking radiant and healthy without wearing a heavy foundation, this foundation is absolutely perfect since it's a light formular that brings your skin back to life.
12.   Before you apply makeup and cleanse your skin, you need to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. The Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel is great cuz it contains milk proteins and antioxidants that repairs and protects the skin. It also brightens up your skin and gives a better complexion since it repair deep down.
13.   Exfoliating your face isn't enough you really need to polish your skin to get it in the best condition. The Clinique Sparkle skin exfoliator contains menthol which refreshes and cools leaving the skin with a healthy glow.
14.   To help your skin look fresh and radiant without wearing much makeup the Alpha-H liquid gold is great helper, to tighten up your skin and bring it back to life it also improves the appearance of wrinkles, big pores and acne prone skin to give a better complexion. Alpha-H is easily absorbed in the skin membrane leaving a golden glow to even the most tired looking skin after sun exposure.
Whats your favorite summer product? :)

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